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Refund requests will be honored until 5 pm EDT Friday, April 7, with a processing fee. No refunds are available after April 7.

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Meet our keynote speakers

Dr. Jaia Syvitski: Global coastal environments during the Anthropocene

Dr. Hannah Power: Surf, swash, and science: from breaking waves to breaking down barriers

Celebrating our CS23/CD combined award winner: Dr. Hans Hanson

Celebrating our CS23 Coastal Award winner: Dr. Britt Raubenheimer

Celebrating one of our original Coastal Sediments Conference attendees: Dr. Tim Kana

Celebrating our Coastal Achievement Award winners: Drs. Harley and Kinsela

Past Coastal Award winners:

CD01 - Per Bruun
CS03 - Paul Komar
CD05 - Jorgen Fredsoe
CS07 - Leo van Rijn
CD09 - Magnus Larson
CS/CD09 - Nicholas Kraus
CS11 - Robert G. Dean
CD13 - Peter Nielsen
CS15 - Marcel Stive
CD17 - Rob Holman
CS19 - Dano Roelvink
CD21 - Robert Guza