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Program and Topics

Draft Program:

CS'19 Draft Program (PDF ~360 kb)

Oral Session Overview (PDF ~103 kb)

Poster Session Overview (PDF ~262 kb)

Session Topics:

Barrier Islands
Beach Nourishment
Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediment
Climate Change & Sea Level Rise
Coastal Bluffs & Cliffs
Coastal Dunes & Aeolian Processes
Coastal Marsh Morphology & Vegetation
Cohesive Sediments & Muddy Coasts
Coastal Structures Morphologic Response
Coupled Natural-Human Systems Modeling in the Coastal Zone 
Gravel Sediment Transport
Inlets & Navigation Channels
Large-Scale Coastal Behavior
Long-term Coastal Evolution
Measurement Techniques in the Coastal Zone
Regional Sediment Management
River Deltas
Working/Engineering with Nature
Case studies

Special Sessions:
Contact Ping Wang if you wish to propose a special session.

Barrier Islands of Louisiana (Syed Khalil, Lindino Benedet)
Carbonate & Reef-lined Coasts (Curt Storlazzi, Andrew Pomeroy)
Coastal Adaptation to Climate-Change Induced Impacts (Jose Jimenez, Robert Nicholls)
Coastal Hazards Forecasting & Early Warning Systems (Patrick Barnard, Mitchell Harley, Ian Turner)
Inlet Management Study (Tanya Beck, Tom Pierro)
Natural & Man-made Headland Sediment By- & Over-Passing (Antonio Klein, Rui Taborda, Vieira da Silva)
Regional Sediment Management (Katie Brutsche, Linda Lillycrop)
US Coastal Research Program (Nicole Elko)


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