Rockefeller Shoreline
View down Bourbon Street
Caminada Back Barrier Marsh
West Grand Terre
St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

Program and Topics

Session Topics:

  • Barrier Island Restoration
  • Barrier Islands
  • Beach Nourishment/restoration
  • Beaches
  • Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediment
  • Case Studies
  • Climate Change & Sea Level Rise Impacts
  • Climate Justice in the Coastal Zone
  • Coastal Bluffs & Cliffs
  • Coastal Dunes & Aeolian Processes
  • Coastal Environmental Justice
  • Coastal Marsh Morphology & Vegetation
  • Coastal Structures Morphologic Response
  • Cohesive Sediments & Muddy Coasts
  • Coupled Natural-Human Systems Modeling in the Coastal Zone
  • Ecomorphodynamics
  • Ecosystem Restoration/Sedimentological Restoration
  • Gravel and Mixed Grain Sediment Transport
  • Inlets & Navigation Channels
  • Large-Scale Coastal Behavior
  • Living Shoreline
  • Long-term Coastal Evolution
  • Measurement Techniques in the Coastal Zone
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Management
  • Morphodynamics of Reef-lined or Carbonate Coasts
  • Regional Sediment Management
  • Natural and Nature Based Features
  • River Deltas and their Restoration
  • Shoreface Morphodynamics
  • Surf-zone Processes
  • Working/Engineering with Nature

Special Sessions:

Coastal restoration: resilient ecosystem services under sediment scarcity

Conveners: Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla (Catalonia University of Technology), Vicente Gracia (Catalonia University of Technology), Mark Shuerch (University of Lincoln), and Robert Nicholls (University of East Anglia).

Barrier Island Research to Inform Management and Restoration: Observations, Analysis, and Prediction

Conveners: Soupy Dalyander (The Water Institute of the Gulf) and Davina Passeri (U.S. Geological Survey).

Leveraging Dredging, Operational, and Monitoring Data for Sediment Management and Applied Research

Conveners: Christopher Esposito (The Water Institute), Michael Hartman (US Army Corps of Engineers), John Swartz (The Water Institute), and Andrew Courtois (The Water Institute).

Sediment for Survival: Louisiana’s Holistic Sediment Management Plan for Ecosystem Restoration

Conveners: Syed Khalil (Louisiana CPRA) and Mike Miner (The Water Institute of the Gulf).

The role of offshore sedimentary deposits in past coastal evolution and future coastal resilience

Conveners: John Swartz (TWI), Jim Flocks (USGS), Clark Alexander (UGA).

From Cores to Code: Data-model integration to improve reconstructions & forecasts of coastal change

Conveners: Christopher Hein (Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary) and Jessica Pilarczyk (Simon Fraser University).

Contact Ping Wang if you wish to propose a special session.

Destination and Venue:
New Orleans, LA
Riverside Hilton

It's all about location in New Orleans, and our hotel is at the center of it all. Watch the ships come in on the Mississippi River and dive into city life just steps away. Grab a beignet, listen to live jazz, ride a streetcar, catch a parade – you never know what you'll experience with the excitement of New Orleans just outside our front door.

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Program and Topics

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